Our Philosophy

Juicebox Cartel has embraced its mission to provide the highest quality of all products, accessories, and apparel. Creating quality products takes precedence over everything else. We have a carefully selected team of aficionados from various industries, thereby enabling us to produce quality products that cater to many different sectors of the market. Through our unwavering attention to detail, we are able to guarantee consistent product and thus help provide our clientele with the penultimate clean pesticide free vape experience.

About JBC

We have perfected cartridges for connoisseurs who appreciate the best of the best.

The quality of our golden distillate sets the precedent but so does the design of the hardware and the plethora of flavors that we offer, all of which have different desirable purposes.

Potency, design and flavor are what elevate us into a league of our own.

Our products are distributed in only the finest stores in limited quantities. Our entire cartridge making process takes place in the heart of Southern California, and we take pride in our west coast roots, where some of the best flower in the world is harvested and distilled. All of our cartridges contain an authenticity label, thereby assuring our customers that our products are all lab tested and approved.


Jon’Lorenzo Caprelli presents The Juicebox Cartel, “the connoisseur’s choice in the lap of luxury.” Said best by Mr. Caprelli, “It has been a privilege to produce the most elite of cannabis and vape products for those of whom appreciate the quality achieved through passion and precision. I guarantee only the cleanest of carefully extracted greatness deriving from the rarest and prime selections of tobacco, hemp and marijuana reserves in the world.”

With Gratitude,

Founder, CEO and Designer Jon’Lorenzo Caprelli